Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out of habit, I looked at my watch.

ruff idiot (edit)

07:55 a.m. 

“The bus is always late at this hour,” said a voice behind me. I almost jumped. Actually, I did jump. So I got really annoyed even though he sounded cute and I knew he was just being helpful. Or something. I ignored him and instinctively looked at my watch again. I hated this habit. It made me look twitchy. Who’d want to date a twitch? Unintentionally, I sighed out loud. 

For some reason, Mr Nice Guy took it as a sign to further extend his niceness to me. 

“Are you all right? You look disturbed.” I was sure he really was just being nice. But I was already annoyed at him for making me jump earlier.

Without looking at him I replied, “yes, I am. You’re disturbing me.”

“I apologise.” He sounded really sorry and I felt bad for being snappy. And now I felt even more annoyed at him for making me feel bad about being annoyed with him. I moved away.

08:00 a.m. 

5 minutes passed by in peace and quiet when suddenly the same voice made me jump a mile. Again. I wanted to smack his head with my shoes by then. I was also really annoyed for being so edgy this early in the morning.

“You look like you really need to be somewhere fast. I can give you a ride.”

Oh how cute. First annoy me and then offer me a ride. Maybe I look dumb too, in addition to twitchy. Great. The thought got me really annoyed by then, so I turned to my left and gave him a glare. He was grinning. And damn him. Did he have to be so hot? I got even more annoyed by this, but was caught off guard by his smile so I hesitated for 3 seconds before saying, “maybe you can mind your own business and stop annoying me.”

“I didn’t mean to annoy you. Just trying to be nice, since you look like you need help.” He didn’t seem to be affected (or maybe he really was just dense) by my snappy responses.

This annoyed me even further. So I looked at him again and said, “go away. I’m fine.” He was still grinning. Damn him! 

When he didn’t seem to want to move away, I did. And right about then, the bus arrived. Without so much as a glance back at him, I got on the bus and took a seat on the other side so I didn’t have to look at him. 

I felt like an idiot. Why’d I have to be so cranky in the morning? He was hot, and he seemed nice too. I could be dating him. But no, I had to let my hormones got to my head first. Great. 

Hormonal, and twitchy. I sighed. Another one out the door.

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