Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I woke up to a deafening silence..


..so loud it felt as if the world was tumbling down. I felt a tiny tug on my toes and looked down to find a new kitten playing with them. Biting them as if they were food. Did I rot in my slumber? As if sensing my consciousness, it looked up at me and I almost fell in love right then. Except it suddenly looked at the space beside me. The empty space.

Gently, I laid down my right palm on the spot where I thought his heart would have been placed. Cold. Just like the evening breeze blowing softly through my window. My window? This wasn’t my room. I didn’t even remember whose was it.

I wondered what time it was.

It wasn’t that I needed to know. The sun was already setting, so I could pretty much guess what time it was. But it had became a habit. When I got my heart broken 6 months ago, my foremost reaction was to look at my wristwatch to find out what time it was. Instinctively, I raised my left hand to look at the time. No watch. I looked around the room but couldn’t seem to locate it. I’d forgotten what happened to it before I went to sleep. I wondered if I’d slept through the week.

I wondered if I could remember my way back home.

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